Sealed Weights Ashford

Vertical louvre blinds with sealed weights

Last October we were approached by one of our commercial clients to replace their damaged Vertical louvre blinds, on inspection, we found a typical problem window sills full of office debris ultimately causing damage or broken bottom connecting chains and weights, and yes broken top trucks and hooks caused by the bottom chains getting caught up.

We suggested to our client to have sealed bottom weights avoiding the unsightly mess and tangled chains, They opted for a trial to see how they got on we covered five windows with new tracks manually operated with new louvres and sealed weights, they have been so impressed with the lack of damage and the fact the blinds still look brand new, have subsequently decided to replace all the existing blinds with new tracks and the Sealed weight option.

We all know or have heard the saying things go around in circles, let’s hope more clients choose this slightly outdated but far superior finish to their blinds.

Vertical louvre blinds

Motorised Vertical blinds

Having electric Vertical louvre blinds was always an issue that was only available to the few, the infrared controller was always troublesome, that’s all gone now there are a couple of great electric Vertical tracks available now at reasonable cost.

230 volts track and hand held remote switch

You can have a fully electric track operated by the remote switch controlling both tilts and draw, unfortunately only available with mains powered supply so you would still need to have an electric socket nearby a small amount of trunking, or you could have an electrician install a socket close by at high level to avoid the unsightly trunking.

At present, there is a rechargeable battery operated tilt on version but you would still have to have a drawcord or wand to transverse the louvres, there is some hope though that sometime during 2019 that a fully rechargeable Tilt & Traverse track will be available. So for those who do not want to have unsightly trunking or expensive electrical work undertaken it will be here.

Both these systems are available with wireless remote switches and can be added to Tahoma home automation hub and smartphone, IPad etc.

The other main issue with Vertical louvre blinds has always been the unsightly bottom connecting chain and weights which coincidently is a child safety concern. Going back in time sealed weights were very popular but they went out of fashion, but due to child safety they have come back in demand so we offer this option on all new blinds supplied.

Ashford Kent

Somfy Glydea motorised Curtain tracks

Installation of Somfy Glydea Electric curtain tracks.

Late December 2018 we were asked to Supply & Install 9 Somfy Motorised 230 volt RTS Glydea Curtain rails and Three mains powered roman headrails. the Curtains and roman blinds were supplied by the Interior designer.

We were pleased to be asked as this is definitely something we really enjoy tackling slightly out of normal. The rails were three metres long with split draw operation. As the electrician had prewired the power points at high level close to recesses. The whole install became much easier.

Previous installations

This installation was the first recent installation where the clients had thought ahead and pre-installed cables.

Normally it is an afterthought to build in for motorised blinds, very little disturbance and no third party decorators or plasterers required to complete the installation.

Design & Set up

For the roman blinds, we used Somfy Sonese 40 230 volt RTS motors. Attached the pre-made Roman fabric to the headrails using Velcro.

Discussed the operation with the clients to decide how they wanted the set up to be. By room singularly or group controls as a whole.

They decided to have lounge and dining room on one control operating two sets of curtains and one Roman blind. Master bedroom and top landing three sets of curtains and one Roman blind.

Even though we only used one remote the Telis4 allows individual blinds to be operated at any time or as a group this gave them maximum convenience. The other four rooms were left as single-channel remotes.

Additional work

Our client had three further roman blinds Installed which were manually operated by side chain. Our clients were so pleased with the Electric blinds & electric curtain tracks. They asked if we could convert these manual blinds to electric motors?

Two of these Roman blinds were added to the Lounge/ dining room tells 4 remote switch. The other was added to the master bedroom and landing remote switch.


No pre-wired power supply nearby. Installation of Somfy Rechargeable battery motors was recommended also being RTS. integrated well to existing blinds and curtain tracks.

So pleased that the clients have purchased the Somfy Tahoma Home Automation hub. Downloaded the free Somfy “app”.

They have connected all-electric blinds and curtain tracks to their smartphone and iPad. So this will allow them to operate their blinds and curtain tracks from anywhere in the world.

We hope they will have many years of fun with their new purchase. adding further blinds will be so simple in the future. Well they might even add some other types of devices Lights, garage door, gates etc.

Pluckley Kent

Open Cassette Roller Blinds

One-Touch open cassette roller blinds. fitted Using One-Touch rechargeable battery motors. In September / October 2016 a total of eight. Our clients decided to finish off their house and complete the last window.

They chose a floral dimout fabric open cassette using the same One Touch rechargeable motor linked into the previous handheld remote switch.

At present, the One Touch is not compatible with home automation Hub this is due to go live 2019 so hopefully, that’s something they might add. Great news this home hub is now available.

Rye East Sussex

One Touch rechargeable battery roller blinds

Started in July 2018 client wanted 6 roller blinds, decided on rechargeable battery option. Fabric: was chosen Carnival Ivory.

Back again August,  2018 client loved original blinds chose to have another 4 blinds to match.

Once more December 2018 Client Finished their kitchen supplied & installed a further 7 One Touch rechargeable roller blinds, chose a different colour fabric Carnival Ecru

Challock Kent

White Closed cassette roller blinds

This one was great 21 White Cassette roller blinds Fabric Daybreak Flint.

Once again new build and client not allowed for Motorised blinds, so we used Somfy Rechargeable battery option. With various group scenarios and Individual handheld switches. Connected to Somfy “Tahoma Premium smart hub, connected to iPad.

white cassette motorised using Somfy re chargeable battery