Roller Blinds

Roller blinds have been around forever, but now they are coming of age you can still have the simple spring up operation, the chain on the side obviously using a child safety device, battery operation we do use various manufacturers motors as this has become the option where you do not have mains power near the window as there are no cables rechargeable battery motors that keep it plain and simple to install.

You can go one step further if you have larger blinds and a suitable mains supply all of these can be configured to your home automation system.

smart senses cassette fabric covered with chrome end caps

Apart from having a scallop to the lower edge of the blind, you can have the roller fitted within an aluminium cassette which can be left plain or covered in matching or contrasting fabric link this with an electric motor wow! not a simple roller blind anymore.

Vision Night and Day Blinds

Vision roller blinds two layers of fabric creating horizontal stripes that effortlessly move from transparent to dim out or blackout, these can be operated like any other roller blind, spring, side chain or motorised.

the blind is attached to a neat open cassette which allows the use of a single fabric attached to the roller and also attached to the cassette creating a loop of fabric.


Visage is made up of two layers of soft fabric connected by horizontal sheer vanes that gently filter sunlight whilst maintaining different levels of privacy and UV protection as the blind is raised or lowered.

The blind can be raised to give an outside view, it can be lowered with the sheer vanes aligned to control the light and retain a view with some privacy during the day, or it can be fully closed for total privacy in the evening.

Visage blinds can also be motorised with Louvolite One Touchâ„¢ battery operated motors, enabling the adjustment of privacy levels and the filtering of daylight more conveniently at the touch of a button.