Somfy Glydea -Motorised-Curtain-Tracks

Somfy Glydea Motorised Curtain Tracks

Today Modern World

Home Automation, has moved on, Somfy Glydea Motorised curtain tracks add the ability to operate your curtains by remote, the control has made such a difference whether the tracks are battery operated or mains power. Both can be operated in the same way either by handheld or wall-mounted wireless RTS switches.

New 2021 Tahoma Switch hub

Add a Somfy “Tahoma switch” smart hub you can link your Smartphone, iPad, or computer. via a simple App.

Purchase your free “Somfy app”, allowing you to check your curtain operation from anywhere in the World.

Operating individual tracks or groups of tracks, in different parts of your home. Making your home more secure when away from home, even configure operating times.

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