Roman Blinds soft fabric

Roman blinds a twist on a roller blind. Soft folded curtain fabric allows a flat surface. Carbon fibre rods are sewn into the lining to create unique folds or panels across the blind.

Choose the fabric either to match or contrast with your curtain material. Roman blinds from fabric supplied by you or from our selection of contemporary fabrics & designs.

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The fabric is made up fully lined. Along the top of the fabric on the reverse side, velcro tape is sewn, this is to attach the finished blind to the aluminum headrail. This allows for easy removal when washing or during decoration.

Your blind is made with loops or eyelets on the rear which form pockets approx 200mm apart. Each pocket has a carbon fibre rod sewn into the lining resulting in folds or panels.

Cherry Blossom Geisha Roman blind soft fabric

Operation choices

To raise and lower your Roman blind, You have a number of choices operated by a looped chain, fitted with a child safety device attached to the wall. Motorized with a wireless remote switch.

Bay windows this is not a problem whether it’s a square bay or angled bay with two or more panels, just put them together, and look great when motorized as there are no cords or chains seen.

Somfy 24volt DC power supply

The motorized option is fully child-safe. With the option to operate just one blind or a group of blinds. Using a single Somfy remote switch, handheld or wall-mounted.

Somfy: tilt – & Lift Roman blind motor with external rechargeable battery tube

All blinds can be configured to the Somfy Tahoma Switch hub and “app” and if you have an Amazon Echo via Alexa voice operation.

Somfy’s Tahoma Switch Hub is the most comprehensive of our home hub devices. This powerful hub can connect you to a wide number of smart home devices. Blinds, curtains, lights, electrical equipment, heating, gates, and garage doors. The capability to truly connect your home is here and in the most efficient format ever.

Whether you want to place your Roman blind on its own on the outside of the reveal, or in the recess with curtains in front to give a more luxurious feel is up to you. Your blind as you can imagine can be top-fixed or face-fixed using simple brackets.

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