Global Shading Day 21st March 2024

Celebrating Global Shading Day

Kingfisher Blinds Ltd is delighted to be celebrating Global Shading Day on Thursday March 21.

Global Shading Day is an awareness day to highlight the positive benefits of shading products in helping to create sustainable, energy efficient buildings that help retain heat during the winter and reject heat in the summer.

The goal is also to help people find out more about the benefits of using blinds, shutters and awnings to support comfort and wellbeing in the home and workplace.

Global Shading Day is organised by the European Solar Shading Organisation and is timed to coincide with the Spring Equinox.

Solar shading has been widely identified by experts around the world as a way to help create healthy, productive and comfortable indoor environments.

Shading products can be fitted externally to buildings such as awnings, pergolas and shutters and blinds as well as being fitted internally such as venetian, vertical, roman and roller blinds as well as shutters.

Company Director Charles King said: “We are delighted to be supporting Global Shading Day to talk about the positive benefits of our shading products.

“In the UK, blinds, shutters and awnings have often been seen as a decorative soft furnishing but shading can support our comfort and wellbeing, energy efficiency and the environment.”

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