Vertical louvre blinds

Motorised Vertical blinds

Having electric Vertical louvre blinds was always an issue that was only available to the few, the infrared controller was always troublesome, that’s all gone now there are a couple of great electric Vertical tracks available now at reasonable cost.

230 volts track and hand held remote switch

You can have a fully electric track operated by the remote switch controlling both tilts and draw, unfortunately only available with mains powered supply so you would still need to have an electric socket nearby a small amount of trunking, or you could have an electrician install a socket close by at high level to avoid the unsightly trunking.

At present, there is a rechargeable battery operated tilt on version but you would still have to have a drawcord or wand to transverse the louvres, there is some hope though that sometime during 2019 that a fully rechargeable Tilt & Traverse track will be available. So for those who do not want to have unsightly trunking or expensive electrical work undertaken it will be here.

Both these systems are available with wireless remote switches and can be added to Tahoma home automation hub and smartphone, IPad etc.

The other main issue with Vertical louvre blinds has always been the unsightly bottom connecting chain and weights which coincidently is a child safety concern. Going back in time sealed weights were very popular but they went out of fashion, but due to child safety they have come back in demand so we offer this option on all new blinds supplied.

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