Intu Venetian blinds

Intu Venetian blinds a simple no-screw fixing; purpose-made clips allow for accurate fixing of blinds. Light profiles to exclude gaps. Completely child friendly

Intu Venetian blinds are available in either 16mm or 25mm slats. It will compliment your window or door frame with white, brown, or anthracite rails. Choice of slat colour.

This system is also entirely child-safe and gives you complete peace of mind.

Completely child-safe blinds have no hanging cords, the operation just raises and lower by hand. To angle slats a simple slider at top of the blind. If high level, there is a simple wand option.

Intu Privacy is an added version for those who want to improve privacy or security. With no visible holes in the Venetian slat, privacy gives a more complete closure in your window, minimizing light gaps when the blind is in the closed position.

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