Somfy Motorised roller blinds

Somfy, are well-established Motor manufacturer, now offers a range of motors for roller blinds from battery & 230-volt mains supply.

Wire-free wall & handheld switch single or multi-channel.

The Sonesse range of motors from “Somfy” begins with a battery option that can have an external battery pack such as the Sonesse 28RTS Li-Ion. A more sophisticated version is the Sonesse Ultra 30RTS Li-Ion with built rechargeable battery motor so much neater option this motor also has a soft close where the motor slows down just before the end limits both upper and lower limits.

External rechargeable motor battery pack required

Sonnesse 30 Ultra RTS integral motor

The Sonesse 40 RTS 230volts mains power larger version using a 40 mm tube.

If you have started a rebuilding or refurbishment or even a new build. Prior to plastering, why not build in power source to allow your Roller blinds to be operated by mains power 230volts. All electrical work must be carried out by a qualified registered electrician.

Somfy Conexoon entry-level Home Hub

NEW  Tahoma Switch

Somfy “Tahoma Switch ” The latest wire-free home hub device. This powerful hub can connect you to a wide number of smart home devices from blinds, curtain tracks, lights, heating, electrical equipment, gates & garage doors. The capability to truly connect your home is here & in the most efficient format ever.

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