Conservatory blinds come in many forms from Pleated blinds, HoneyComb blinds Venetian blinds, roller blinds, Vertical louvre blinds.

We used Pleated Intu blinds on this particular conservatory, but Hive Honeycomb blinds which are more powerful at restricting heat.

Made of two layers of fabric some with metalized internal coatings.

Making them extremely good at reflecting the heat away, during hot summers and the honeycomb fills with warm air, so during winter months add insulation.

If you want a Clearview, with optimal control of light, why not Intu Venetian blinds.

Once again using Intu, there are no screws that might damage your UPVC windows. A Simple slide on the top headrail allows you to tilt the slats to give total control of light and reflect the UV rays. Side guides add light block and tension to blinds.

Last but not least Intu Roller Blinds same principal no fixing screws light block move up to lock in place move down to lock in place simple child play.

Intu blinds are completely child-friendly no strings or fixed wands to worry about.

Probably the most used in today’s conservatory Vertical louvre blinds, offer coverage of a wider area of glass.

However, will protrude into the room so for smaller conservatories please keep this in mind.

Pleated Conservatory blinds “Ribbons ASC Silver new clean modern lines.
Pleated Window Blinds 30 blinds in total. For this Installation, we opted for BB10 blinds to match existing as these cover all the old fixing points. If it were a new Installation, we would have recommended Intu no screw blinds.
Clean new colours reflective backing giving sun protection all year around. The colour and fabric used was a total change from the plain cream used on original blinds. The overall appearance is so much nicer with a clean, more modern look.

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