Electric or Motorised Blinds

There are many options available such as a rechargeable battery, low voltage 24 volts, 240 volts mains supply.

Rechargeable battery no unsightly electrical cables in your walls, no replastering, repainting prior to the fitting of blinds and curtain tracks.

Where do you want to begin

Battery-powered 12volt many of the types of blinds now offer integrated battery motors, no need for an external battery pack. limited or no electrical skills are needed.

Low Voltage 24 volt DC a mains powered system reduced to 24 volts. Limited electrical skills are required. The Involvement of a qualified Electrician is advised.

240 volt Mains powered for larger blinds The use of a Qualified Electrician is advised.

Electric or motorized blinds have been around for a number of years. Requirements of third-party Electrical contractors were dependent on budget. The added disruption involvement and use of trades Bricklayers, plasterers, and Carpenters.

New 2022 Somfy Tahoma Switch Hub

The to-go-to Home hub, integration of blinds and other products to your Mobile phone, Tablet, or PC.

Simple handheld or wireless wall switches allow you to operate your blinds & curtain tracks, add a Somfy Tahoma Switch smart hub and free “app” connect to your phone, iPad, computer, and voice control through Amazon “Alexa”.

Electric or Motorised blinds, You can have a low voltage 24volt system, unfortunately, these will need a power socket up to 3mts away. Yes, a little unsightly but no batteries to charge.

Handheld remote switches or wall switches.


Mains supply 240volts a more professional job and a more permanent project if you are at a Building or development stage.

Electrical cables & sockets can be buried behind plaster, which will require a third-party electrical contractor for the installation of your blinds or curtain tracks.

Nearly all types of blinds can be motorized in some way.

Not all existing blinds can be adapted to motorization so it would mean an investment.


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