Electric or Motorised Blinds

However, there are options available such as Rechargeable battery options no third- party electrician required no upheaval chasing electrical cables in your walls, no replastering, repainting prior to fitting of blinds and curtain tracks.

Now where do you want to begin

Electric or motorised blinds have been around for a number of years now but due to costs and the requirements of third-party Electrical contractors they were only available to the few that could really afford them.

Simple handheld or wireless wall switches allow you to operate your blinds & curtain tracks, add a Somfy Tahoma smart hub and free “app” connect to your phone, iPad, computer, add voice control through Amazons “Alexa”.

Electric or Motorised blinds, You can have a low voltage 24volt system, unfortunately, these will need a power socket nearby up to 3mts away. Yes, little unsightly but no batteries to charge.

Mains supply 240volts, if you are at a Building or development stage and can get electrical cables buried in the wall and sockets fitted prior to plastering or painting this then becomes a more professional job and a more permanent project. Normally you will not require the third-party electrical contractor for the installation of your blinds or curtain tracks but always check first.

Nearly all types of blinds can be motorised in some way, unfortunately not all existing blinds can be adapted to motorisation so it would mean an investment.

Somfy Remotes Tellis 1 & Telis 4

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