Venetian Blinds

Many years ago this was the most popular blind available, large 50mm slats, then came along the smaller 25mm & 16mm slats, this allowed Venetian blinds to evolve.

Not simply a Venetian blind they can be made into various forms using different headboxes such as the Intu Venetian blinds that is uniquely child-friendly as it does not have any operating cords, just push and pull down with a simple top rail slider to tilt the slats, and to make it much more appealing there is no need for screws as the Intu Venetian blind uses special clips to fix blind within the window frame.

A simple battery-operated tilt-only motor is available or a more sophisticated raise / lower and tilt but this would have to be mains powered can be linked to home automation.

Motorisation of Venetian blinds has not been forgotten, using the larger headrail 57mm x 51mm. we have two options available both from Somfy. Battery Tilt only using Somfy’ tilt 50 Central RTS 12volt with external battery pack, this allows you to operate the tilt open & close, but you keep the raise and lower cords.

Somfy Tilt 50 Centralis RTS 12volt

Using the same motor as used in roller blinds with some added components within the headrail, the Sonesse 40 RTS 230volt or Sonesse WT 230 volt which is both ma\ins power so you will need a power source nearby preferable up high near the headrail of the blinds.

Somfy Sonesse 40 RTS & WT 230 volt motors

both are available as a special order for 25mm, 35mm, 50mm aluminum slat, Wood slat 35mm & 50mm & Fauxwood 50mm

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