Pleated & Honeycomb Blinds

Originally designed for Conservatories.

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Due to the versatility of fabrics, it is now possible to use them in every room of the house. The softly folded fabric allows maximum light due to stacking height.

The range of fabrics, from plains to patterned, light-filtering, and even blackout, has increased considerably over the past few years. Simple operation allows placement in many forms, including standard windows, conservatory roofs, sloping windows, and even horizontal skylights.

They can stack at the top or bottom of any window and multi-stack, allowing you to choose according to weather conditions.

Intu Pleated blinds (no screws) The blind can be fitted at the top or bottom of the window or as a multi-zone blind fitted at the top but, with the added advantage, can pull down or up depending on required protection.

With the advent of Duette or Honeycomb fabrics some years ago, unlike pleated blinds, these do not have visible cords, and because they are two layers of fabric, heat reflection is much better.

Both are available as motorized, making high-level blind installation very practical. They can be configured into any Somfy Home automation system.

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