Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect fit blinds. Choose from Pleated, Honeycomb blinds. Aluminium Venetian blinds. Wood Venetian blinds. And even roller blinds.

Blinds are child safe and do not damage your window frames.

Because of the specially designed fixing clips.

So simple to install, the aluminum frames come in various colours.

Such as white, brown, Silver, Golden Oak woodgrain, Mahogany, Grey, and Anthracite.

Venetian blinds come in various forms. 16mm Aluminium, 25mm Aluminium. And even 25mm Wood slats.

Perfect Fit Aluminium Venetian Blinds
Perfect Fit 25mm wood blinds

Roller blinds are also child-safe.

Because of the patented and designed bottom bar. So requiring no cord or chain.

Now available with Rechargeable battery motors so no need for an electrician.

Operated with remote or wireless wall-mounted controls.

So connectable to a home hub and smartphone.