Sealed Weights Ashford

Vertical louvre blinds with sealed weights

Last October we were approached by one of our commercial clients to replace their damaged Vertical louvre blinds, on inspection, we found a typical problem window sills full of office debris ultimately causing damage or broken bottom connecting chains and weights, and yes broken top trucks and hooks caused by the bottom chains getting caught up.

We suggested to our client to have sealed bottom weights avoiding the unsightly mess and tangled chains, They opted for a trial to see how they got on we covered five windows with new tracks manually operated with new louvres and sealed weights, they have been so impressed with the lack of damage and the fact the blinds still look brand new, have subsequently decided to replace all the existing blinds with new tracks and the Sealed weight option.

We all know or have heard the saying things go around in circles, let’s hope more clients choose this slightly outdated but far superior finish to their blinds.

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