Louvolite One Touch motors

One-touch motors from louvolite for Roller blinds, two different motors the 1.2Nm for smaller blinds & for larger blinds the 1.8Nm. Both motors have the built-in Rechargeable battery, so no external battery pack.

Just look at Louvolite One Touch motorisation

An external Solar Panel charger can also be added to allow high out of reach blinds to be kept fully charged.

For your smaller blinds the 25mm lithium rechargeable battery 1.2Nm option is ideal

New for 2020 for those larger blinds, the Lithium Rechargeable battery 1.8Nm

Louvolite 6 Channel Timer Remote

Both motors can be operated using a handheld wireless remote switch or wall switch, single-blind operation, or group control. Timer option available.

Louvolite One Touch Control your blinds from anywhere
Schedule your blinds even when you are away from home