Louvolite One Touch motors

One-touch rechargeable battery motors from louvolite for Roller blinds. two different motors, the 1.2Nm for smaller blinds & larger blinds for the 1.8Nm. Both motors have a built-in rechargeable battery, so no external battery pack.

Just look at Louvolite One Touch motorization.

An external Solar Panel charger can also be added to keep high out-of-reach blinds fully charged.


For your smaller blinds, the 25mm lithium rechargeable battery 1.2Nm option is ideal.

For those larger blinds, the Lithium Rechargeable battery 1.8Nm

Louvolite 6 Channel Timer Remote

The motors can be operated using a handheld wireless remote or wall switch with single-blind operation or group control. Timer options are available.

Louvolite One Touch Control your blinds from anywhere
Schedule your blinds even when you are away from home

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