Ashford Kent

Somfy Glydea motorised Curtain tracks

Late December 2018 we were asked to Suppy& Install 9 Somfy Motorised 230 volt RTS Glydea Curtain rails and Three mains powered roman headrails. the Curtains and roman blinds were supplied by the Interior designer.

We were pleased to be asked as this is definitely something we really enjoy tackling slightly out of normal the rails were mainly three metres long with split draw operation. As the electrician had prewired to points directly by the motors it was a fairly simple fix the tracks connect motors to the mains sockets and set up the RTS connections.

This installation was the first recent installation where the clients had thought ahead and pre-installed cables so no need for battery packs true Electric motors. Normally it is an afterthought to build in for motorised blinds, very little disturbance and no third party decorators or plasterers required to complete installation..

For the roman blinds, we used Somfy Sonese 40 230 volt RTS motors and attached the pre-made Roman fabric to the headrails using Velcro, Set up the RTS connection link to Somfy Handheld Remote switches Two were connected to Telis 4 remotes the other to single Telis 1.

Discussed the operation with the clients to decide how they wanted the set up to be by room singularly or group controls as a whole, the decision was to have through lounge and dining room on one control operating two sets of curtains and one Roman blind, Master bedroom and top landing three sets of curtains and one Roman blind, all available as single channel set or group giving maximum convenience. The other four rooms were left as single channel remotes.

Our client had three further roman blinds Installed which were manually operated by side chain, our clients were so pleased with the Electric blinds & electric curtain tracks, have asked if we could convert these manual blinds to electric motors. We suggested that as there is no pre-wired power supply nearby we could install Somfy Rechargeable battery motors all RTS so we can connect these into the original package, we are in the process of building the headrails, what has been discussed is that we can now simply reset RTS remote and configure room settings.

We are so pleased that the clients have gone for The Somfy Tahoma Home Automation hub downloaded the free Somfy “app” now they have connected all electric blinds and curtain tracks to their smartphone and iPad so this will allow them to operate their blinds and curtain tracks from anywhere in the world.

We hope they will have many years of fun with their new purchase, and add more blinds etc as they feel fit. Well they might even add some other types of devices Lights, garage door, gates etc.