Free In Home Appointments

​Whats more important in your mind is it just the price or is it a need .

We try to explain what the benefits are of a particular type of blind if you are experiencing lack of sleep, Blackout fabrics are a must but is that enough will you still get light ingress around the blinds. So the answer wood be framed blinds.

So from the time you contact us and schedule your appointment for your Home visit we will talk you through your needs.

Or visit our showroom in Ashford.


Where possible we will always offer genuine made to measure products.
But on occasions your budget may have limitations so other products might be offered to help you with your decision and choice.

We will always prefer to make truly made to measure, as the quality and reliability can be assured.

Professional Fitting

No matter how well made a product is, fundamentally to ensure reliability and longevity your blinds need to be fitted properly.

We have always paid attention to this and fitters are fully trained to ensure each and every product is fitted to manufacturers recommendations with no short cuts, you are paying for a professional finish after all.